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Any legal out for the RNC to unnominate Trump?

I would think in the case of death of a nominee or terminal illness there would be a way to call another convention and nominate another. Even conservatives are questioning Trump’s mental state even the Wall Street Journal never a fan of democrats said of Clinton “at least she is not a sociopath”.

If this continues I would think pressure would be applied to Prebius to figure something out.


I would think the Olympics would like usual be a time to regroup and pause for the campaigns granted limited pause.

With Trump not endorsing Ryan there is a good chance Ryan is out next Tuesday by losing his primary. He is too much of a republican star that there would not be backlash against Trump.


Of course Trump’s behavior and his purple star line is going to be major news the next few days.

There it seems has to be a tipping point where Prebius says “we cannot allow someone with a mental illness as President”.


Is there a way out for the RNC? I would think death or illness of nominee there would be. Illness as in cancer that needs nominee to fully concentrate on his health or an accident thus leading to candidates withdrawel..

I would think Prebius lawyers are working on this now.

Of course if they call a new convention it has to be no later then the second week in September or earlier if absentee or overseas ballots are scheduled to be sent out mid September.

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