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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Any new routines?

Hi my name is brightersideoflife and I have a problem buying too much skin care and cosmetic items.

So anyhoo, now I have all sorts of things for my skin and let’s be real, not like I’ve seen an esthetitican any time recently or will any time soon.


I’ve got a new 3-day routine the last 2 weeks or so and it’s going well. Retinol treatment on day 1, sheet mask on day 2 (none of my sheet masks are exfoliating, so not irritating after the retinol), day 3 an AHA serum. At some point I’ll eventually run out of sheet masks, and then I can switch to other masks. Because I have options!

I still fucking hate my day time moisturizer. It’s a Murad vitamin C spf 30 moisturizer I got in an Ipsy box. It just is a shitty greasy-textured sunscreen. I’m spoiled by Shiseido’s SPF and this Murad one isn’t mattifying at all. AT ALL. It’s like the Murad factory just dumped equal parts basic sunscreen from Target with a basic moisturizer. The good news is with this being home all time I might as well use this stuff up when no one can see my oily face.

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