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Any New Yorkers In Need of Some (Essentially Free) Furniture?

On rather short notice, I’m moving all my stuff to a storage unit on Saturday and living with a friend for a week (the week I take the bar!) before leaving on a grand National Parks camping road trip. I was originally going to move everything at the end of August, but since I’m on vacation Juky 31 to August 27 and my roommate’s new place is letting her move in Monday instead of August 1, and my landlord let us out of the lease a month early, I’m just going to store everything I’m taking with my to my new home in Albany for the next month and change.

There are a few things that I won’t be taking with me upstate, but I’d like to see go to nice homes. Free if you come get it before Sunday night! Apologies in advance for giant pictures, I cannot Kinja. They are:

1. A dresser/bureau. (I think these two words mean similar but different things.)
It is 48in wide, 18in deep and 30.5in tall. It has six drawers total, and is missing one drawer pull (top right).


2. A short bookshelf.
This picture may of may not be sideways. It looks sideways to me now, but maybe it will magically fix itself.

3. An IKEA swively desk chair.
This picture is also maybe sideways. Neither chair nor bookshelf will stick to walls on their own. Sorry about that.


4. A black folding chair.
Like so many folding chairs at so many school auditoriums, except this one is padded. I used it probably three times in four years when I ran out of other surfaces on which to seat people.


Various people have made various noises about a glass table, an odd green chair and a black leather armchair. If those noises do not materialize into anything then those items will also be free for the taking!


In the alternative, does anyone know of a place that would accept these things as a donation and will come pick them up? Any suggestions on how to get these items to good homes before Saturday early afternoon with minimal effort on my part would be greatly appreciated.

I’m pretty sure my local Goodwill doesn’t take furniture (I’ve never seen any in the store). My neighborhood does a pretty good business in folks leaving good stuff on the edge of the sidewalk and it being taken by someone who wants it. I put out a hat rack two days ago and it was gone by the time I got back from dinner. But I’m hesitant to do so with something as large as a dresser! (I also don’t love the idea of carrying said dresser six blocks and an avenue to Goodwill.) I would put more effort into getting them somewhere, but with the bar exam and the short notice move I’m totally swamped!


Enjoy these puppies in thanks! The small one in the background in the lower left is my roommate’s dog and the monster in the front is her brother who weighs a full 30 pounds more. Look at his head! It is bigger than mine!

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