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Any Nurses or Rehab/Nursing Home workers here?

My 94-year-old grandmother has been bed-bound and in a rehab/24-hr-nursing home for the last 5 years following a massive stroke. It's a decent enough place, not great, but certainly better than the first place we had her in where we discovered the nurses/CNAs actually HIT her.

My aunt is the only relative that lives nearby and she makes a point to be a presence there at least every other day. She's a saint. She makes sure my grandmother's sheets are clean, her laundry gets done, her room is kept clean, that they don't just leave her sedated in bed all day. The nurses all know our family very well, we make a point to be visible and involved. It's actually kind of sad when you realize we are one of the very, very few families who visit as often as we do.

This past weekend, my aunt stopped by and found that the top half of the hospital bed had "broken" and fallen down, resulting in my grandmother laying with her feet up about a foot above her head. She was sedated at the time and didn't notice, but my aunt raised some hell and got them to move her into a chair and get a new bed. Who knows how long she'd been laying there like that? A temporary CNA had just left her like that and didn't do anything about it. Then the nurses implied that my grandmother had broken the bed herself which is really hilarious considering she can only move her right hand and can't even sit up on her own.


Starting next week, I'm going to take over for my aunt while she takes care of some business in another state. I wasn't that worried about it until this last episode with the broken bed. The nurses are all very sweet and nice but I can't say that I don't worry about 'revenge' if we make a formal complaint about the broken bed. I hate to distrust them, but I feel like if we weren't there almost every day, my grandmother would get the barest minimum of care.

My question is.... well, I don't honestly know what my question is. Maybe some advice? I don't want to be a pushover with these ladies, and I honestly do like them. I want to be able to work with them, as much as I have a hard time really trusting them now. Would it be too obvious if I bring in things like baked goods to put me on their good side? Is there anything else I can do to make these couple of weeks go by smoothly, aside from me being there all day long?

Anyway, just thought I'd put it out there if anyone has any words of advice.

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