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Anyone watching Bloodline?

The second season just came out on Netflix.









Season 1 featured the pitch-perfect Ben Mendlesohn as creepy black-sheep brother Danny, who returns to his wealthy family in the Keys.


[Aside: Is it me or does he kinda remind anyone of Carol from WD...?

Like, they should be at least cousins...?]

Anyhow, his family is terrible to him and he decides to wreck their shit. He pretty much succeeds, and [SPOILER FOR SEASON 1] his brother John strangles/drowns (strangledrown?) him, getting his other two siblings to help him disguise the death and make it look like Danny was blown up on a human trafficking boat while wearing a seersucker suit (it’s a crazy show — I did not make a single word of that up).


This season... I wasn’t sure what they were going to do. One thing I like about the show is it really nails a certain Floridian mentality (I grew up in Florida, god help me), which often shows and films fail to do. Also, it’s got former Freaks and Geeks’s star Linda Cardellini AND Sissy Spacek! But this season just feels off to me somehow, and I was hoping there would be some GTers watching it so we could chat.

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