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Any Online Clothing Store Recommendations?

I feel like buying something for me; then forgetting that I have purchased myself a present; and then being delighted in the middle of the week that I am so thoughtful to have bought myself something.

The problem is that I never shop online, and it's partly because I think everything is a scam trying to steal my credit card info.

Can anybody recommend a fun online clothing store that doesn't require that I wire $2000 to a rich trust-fund kid whose 21st birthday is coming up and will totally reward me with a "cool mill" once he has access to his millions?... Who also ship to Canada?


Also; other than Googling the name of the store for reviews, is their a way to verify how reputable the online store is?

Thank You!!

ETA: Already some great suggestions, and warnings. Sorry I haven't replied. I am browsing... I will update on my eventual purchase. Thanks Again GTers!

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