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I thought meh to ugh. I liked the mother she was funny. Yet she seemed like an middle aged Tessa from Suburgatory in the suburbs with too perfect folk but there for better schooling for her kids.


If it was about her and her husband it would be perfect. The kids, oldest daughter wants to emulate the mothers who her mother describes as middle aged women wanting to be teenagers. I do not mind the oldest daughter.

The middle kid. The son. I know they are trying to emulate Alex P Keaton, as obsessed with conservatism and money Alex was he still had a good heart. This kid is

Trump junior. So unfunny.

Youngest daughter her scenes are cringeworthy. I suspect show will get a lot of flack for portraying a child with OCD as a joke.


Only really funny joke at least to my mother was when the mother complained her husband took thirty minutes to take a dump each morning while she got breakfast ready and kids to school.

Anyone like it? I will try for episode two but not real funny. Suburgatory started far funnier with the first episode.

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