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Welcome To The Bitchery

Any other adult children?

And by that I mean Adult Children of Alcoholics?

I just had a great conversation with friends and coworkers about their own experience. One never knew what it was to be an Adult Child. I have been able to pass on resources lately that actually helped people since some wonderful people on GT were able to point me to a subreddit about it and AdultChildren.org

Honestly, I am now at the phase where, almost 3 months in to acknowledging what my Dad was, I can finally move forward. The world and future are my oyster. I was wondering if any of you had BTDT, too? I found it really empowering being able to share this recently. I know there are AC meeting with AlAnon here but they are at difficult times for me to make with a 3 month old and since I work in another town far away from my own and the meetings here only happen at night, it seems hard to get to a meeting right now. Still, I am glad I’ve been working through some of this in therapy and know I have some solidarity in my life.

No one talks about this. Why? I don’t know. But just know if you are an Adult Child, there are so many people out there who share your past and are fighting just like you to pursue a better future.


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