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I'm a sucker for documentaries on tv, especially on historical events, like they show on PBS. I tell my husband, the reason I kick ass at trivia games is that I have watched more documentary programs on just about every topic imaginable just ... because. For some reason, I get sucked into them, especially if the people who were part of the events actually get to tell their stories.

Well, if you have Amazon Prime, you are in luck. They have a veritable TROVE of PBS documentary series. They have several seasons of the American Experience series, and these episodes are just amazing. Some of the topics are a little meh (Robert E. Lee?), but others are just completely engrossing (The Triangle Fire - OMG. My Lai - holy cow).

Right now, I'm watching an episode from season 4 on the Stonewall Uprising. It started with going into the history of the laws outlawing homosexuality that allowed the police to harass LGBT individuals in the 50s-60s; did you know you could be arrested for cross-dressing? Really - if you weren't wearing three "gender-appropriate" items of clothing, you would be arrested, and as one man commented, "socks didn't count."


Listening to these men tell their stories is just really resonating because to me, it feels like women now opening up and telling their stories in the #yesallwomen movement. Where you just can't believe that so much energy is expended in trying to humiliate and belittle a whole group of individuals, but ... there it is. And eventually, groups fight back. I watched The Normal Heart (I know, not a documentary, I guess you could say docudrama) last night, and while I sobbed, I also felt, "damn, they fought and fought and fought and THEY WERE RIGHT." And that made me rent How to Survive a Plague - completely kickass.

Documentaries are good. They can make us feel strong. They give us information. Any documentaries you've watched and really felt empowered by?

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