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So after some great advice from y'all smart people on my envy and jealousy, I swallowed my pride and asked my coworker how she wrote her book. The best advice I got from her?


"Just write your shitty first draft."

Jesus christ, those few words were a revelation for me. I have a hard time not doing everything perfectly the first time, so having that as my mantra—knowing that my first draft will be crap and that's OK—has actually helped me get words on paper this week.

But it's still fucking hard. It's hard to completely let go of the idea that "these words aren't good enough" or "this isn't what I really want to say."

Is there some sort of writing group that already exists here that I don't know about? Some place where we can check in with each other, bounce ideas off of, support one another? Alternatively, does anyone have suggestions for other websites who accomplish a similar task as outlined above?

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