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Any other LG fans seen this?

I don't know what a YouTube Music Awards is, but I cannot take my eyes off this. Cannot get it out of my head. Love the woman, love this single, but Christ in a can this is some performance. Even if you don't like Gaga. Especially if you don't like Gaga. Check it out:

I know, I know: "But she's talented enough, she doesn't need all those crazy outfits!" No, no she doesn't, but I will never stop loving the couture or the theatrics, either. I love it all. And at the same time, I love that she's just dressed as Mrs. Butch Seattle in this one. LOVE.

What are some of your favorite live performances? Gaga or otherwise? My second-fave has to be that time she opened the VMAs with a monologue as Joe Calderone. Because it was just such a WTF troll move and everyone was all Huh? And of course, who could forget Houston:


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