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Any Physician's Assistants?

For the last three years I've considered a pretty major career change to become a physician's assistant. My PTSD also oddly makes me very attracted to work with people in similar situations, in a weird way to save others from stuff I went through. Once upon a time I use to want to be a doctor, but I knew I couldn't deal with the stress. I'm getting to a point where I could see myself being able to manage in that kind of environment in the next few years. But medical school takes a little too long. I also know a lot of nurses, so I can ask them in person what their life is like. I also prefer to work with someone and I don't mind doing smaller tasks.

Any GT-ers know any or are one?

I'm curious to hear what your day to day life is like, and whether you can work part time.
I prefer to hold two jobs in two different areas because it's more interesting for me. How as the schooling? I'm looking at McMaster's program.


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