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Any Resume/CV experts out there?

Not that I want you to work for free if that is your actual job, but I have an appointment tomorrow with my university’s Career Services and they want to see a hard copy of my resume. I have some questions.

That’s... fine? Except that my last actual job ended in July 2006, and while I can easily explain the 11-year gap (parenthood), I’m not sure just how far back my work experience should go. Up to the parenthood bit, the work experience wasn’t going well, to put it mildly. We like to describe it as “looking for the right fit,” but... how much of my Past Life do I really need to include if:

a) It’s been ELEVEN YEARS

b) I am radically changing my field and focus

c) I have almost zero contact information for any of these previous jobs and really would rather not have anyone contact them anyway because they did not end well, for the most part. And for some of them I was a temp with an agency that no longer exists.


Sooooooo my plan right now is to write something up as a starting point and have them help me mash it into something I’d want to show people but does anyone have any tips or suggestions?

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