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There are few singers that simply amaze me. Lately I am simply floored by Floor Jansen. Her classic operatic voice married with an incredible rock voice is jaw dropping to hear. I came across this song and realized she can growl.

Listening to Floor Jansen climb the scale in the conclusion of Ghost Love Score reminds me of how effortless Whitney could climb the scale. Whitney could better sustain the high note though.


How hard is the growl range? I cannot recall any female singers except for Eatha Kitt who had a natural low voice coming close to a growl. Yet not doing a growl and not able to do it are two different things. Whitney may have been very capable but chose not to. Although I do not recall growing up in 70s and 80s any male singers going down to growl range. Growl range seems niche to metal.

I am assuming growl is at the lowest end of the bass range.

How hard is it to hit the growl range or is it not that hard just rare to do.

YouTube Floor Jansen she is simply amazing.

The male singer in video is Marco ? YouTube Nightwish and Phantom of The Opera he sings it with the first Nightwish singer Tarja Turenin. It’s a great duet and his voice is really good both here and in Phantom. Tarja is fantastic but has more of an operatic and clasical voice more then a pure rock voice. Floor is near flawless in both styles.

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