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Any suggestions for fattening a dog up?

ETA: Thank you GT! I should clarify that my mom WILL take the pup to the vet but I have to be gentle in urging her to do so because my mom is afraid of vets and doctors because of the bad news they can bring. Also, my mom is pretty uneducated (middle school education/pretty insulated) so sometimes I can come off a little judgey and know-it-all with my family and I’ve been trying to curb that a little bit lately.


Also, I want to say that this little online community has such a generally nice vibe to it and I really like the discussions.

I got this response so... she is amenable.

My mom found a dog under her porch a two and a half months ago that was severely underweight. It was unreal, her body was truly just bone with some dirty fur on top, the photos don’t do it justice. There are been postings everywhere for a missing dog but no answer. She is not chipped.


She is super sweet and cuddly and after she got a bath she looked awesome. After two weeks, she started eating normal dog food and she’s pretty active.

The thing is, it’s been two months and she hasn’t gained much weight at all. Does anyone have experience fattening pups up?


Unfortunately, my mom is broke and is anti-vet and anti-doctor which drives me crazy. I’ve already argued with her that she can decide whether or not to go to the doctor but the pup can’t make that decision and needs to be checked out.

I think I will kidnap her the day after thanksgiving and at least try to scope out a low cost clinic.


These two pictures are from the day she was found.


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