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I like Gwendoline Christie, I really do, but how can you picture her as the perfect choice for a woman of polynesian ancestry?
Today I started my catch-up on The Expanse (the show) and Bobbie Draper is the character I will judge the show on as in if they don’t get her right, I’m out. As far as I know she won’t appear during season 1 which is oky, but it baffles me that the most voices I find on the web are all for Gwendoline Christie or...better, Katee Sackhoff. What the everfucking fuck. I keep clicking on random discussion boards and sure as hell those two names will be the ones popping up and not much else. How is that even possible?
So how do people explain why they picture Gwendoline Christie? Because it’s the future and everyone is mixed anyway. *barf*

For those not knowing what the hell I’m talking about, Bobbie Draper is a space marine, over 2m tall, of Samoan ancestry and she is the definition of badass. Seriously, she has one particular epic sequence in the books where I was shouting while reading it, because I couldn’t believe what I was reading. She is a woman who feels very comfortable with what she does and she is never described as an outsider or anomaly as is Brienne. She is one of the most positive characters out there and you just don’t mess with her in any way.

Tbh, what I’ve seen so far makes me feel positive they will do it right, but I’m still more than a bit suspicious.


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