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Any Thoughts On Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection? I Have Thoughts

I saw this picture and said “oh my god, fantastic”

Then I started to think about it.

1) Its not like a Megaman Collection where yes the graphics and gameplay modified and improved but each game had distinct levels. Its like playing interrelated games all on one level distinct but all had core features.


2) Street Fighter does not have this. I played SF2: Hyper, Super SF2: Turbo and Alpha 2 and 3. Unlike Megaman each game in the 2 series is both same with little differences and enhancements. I do not know why I would spend any more then a few minutes on Hyper when Super SF2 Turbo both contain the speed options and Super has 4 more characters.

I cannot picture myself ever playing Championship Edition or regular Super. Essentially they have no speed options. Yes exceedingly marginal differences with fighter priorities but if you are a casual or noncompetitive SF player you won’t know the differences.

3) Super is an enhancement over Hyper with improved graphics and four new characters but let’s face it the four new characters were meh at best. DJ and THawk were no where as good as the original 12. Cammy was fairly good. Fei Long well not bad. Cammy probably barely best out of the four.

4) Alpha series added enhancements but unless you are a hardcore fighter I do not know why you just would not jump into Alpha 3. Largest cast plus the new Alpha characters were good. Rose became my favorite. Cody was very fun to play as. Sakura a slightly easier version of Ryu.


5) Controls unless you play on an arcade controller the regular SNES and Playstation 1 controllers were tough to use. For Zangief and THawk forget it. Really tough to control. Zangief probably the hardest. I was planning by next summer to get a Switch but let’s be blunt handheld fighting games almost always suck. The Alpha 3 on the GBA was essentially unplayable or maybe its me.

I never played the SF3 games. Anyone?

Any Street Fighter fans?

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