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Any Unbiased Sources For Researching Gaza Conflict?

I got into a long conversation with one of my friends last night about Israel and Palestine and she mentioned a bunch of stuff that sounded like propaganda. I said that it was difficult to find unbiased sources for news about the region because the history of the conflict itself is rife with half-truths and biased reporting.

She basically doesn't think that her position is biased at all and that having any sort of nuanced opinion about the conflict is going against her side.

I started doing some research today about the history of the conflict and I'm finding that pretty much every source has an agenda of some variety. It seems like a lost cause, honestly. I don't want to continue to have these long conversations with her that go nowhere and I hate being accused of being biased when I don't really have enough unbiased information about the conflict to form a solid opinion either way.


I don't know if I should really be concerning myself about it anyway. I've got no real stake in what goes on over there. I feel like that conflict will just be a never-ending cycle of violence until one side obliterates the other. I just don't know what to think or really what position I should be taking, if any.

If anyone knows of some good, unbiased sources for the history of the region-before Israel was a state, I'd love to be more informed.

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