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Anybody doing Apartment Therapy's January Cure?

I don't know if anyone here reads Apartment Therapy, but I've signed up for their January Cure and I was hoping there might be other people here doing it! We could have a weekly encouragement thread or something.

I've lived in my current apartment for two and a half years now and it's embarrassing how little I've done with the place. I'm hoping to get things at least a little more under control and start thinking seriously about what I'm doing with the decor - I bought paint for the walls two years ago and have successfully managed to paint just a single wall. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to keep up with the Cure (I think their 8 week cures might be a more realistic pace for me!) but I want to at least give it a go. Anyone else joining in?

(Pictured: very much not my home)


ETA: I'll put up a "let's start!" thread on Thursday sometime and then we'll set a date for weekly threads. I'm thinking Sunday afternoon/evenings - I'm in the UK so probably somewhere between 5pm and 7pm (noon and 2pm Eastern)? Let me know what you think! I'm happy to move the date and time if that doesn't work for you guys.

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