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Anybody else seen V/H/S/2?

I finally watched it last night, and I gotta say, I was disappointed. I looooved the first installment — the format was used in such unexpected and interesting ways. But this time around? Fewer shorts, first of all, but also, only one of them was really scary — the first film was awesome (I thought). After that, it felt really lacking until the last one.


I thought the mass suicide/apocalypse one had genuinely haunting things going on (the room full of people simultaneously committing suicide - WHOA), but it undercut its own intensity so frequently — the cartoonish beast, for example. I felt similarly about the GoPro zombie movie, which was a fantastic concept that was executed like slapstick until the very last second in which it tried to get heavy again. (And I normally even like that director!) The abduction short was pretty good, but I wasn't keen on the ending — it didn't feel like it had earned the harshness of the dog dying, if that makes sense. By contrast, the roller coaster of the first short was fantastic, the form made use of itself (e.g. the glitches near ghosts) without being too obvious about it, and it was genuinely freaky. Although it does leave you wondering, it was pretty great as a self-contained meltdown.


Anyone else have thoughts?

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