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Anybody Else Super Stoked for Lady Sif

...to be on Agents of SHIELD? That show really needs to step up the awesomeness of its lady-characters. Well, okay, fine, of all of its characters. Everyone needs some complications that flesh them out. It's quite unfocused so far. BUT! Lady Sif, aka Jamie Alexander, will be guesting in the 15th episode this season. She's great on tv, and I hope they let her stick around a bunch, rather than the once-off of Sam Jackson (but hey, I totally understand why he was a once-off; dude's busy). She should be a repeater.

Lady Sif don't take no shit, and I really hope she rubs off on these ladies. There's a bit too much of the "woe is me" and not enough of the "bitches get shit done" attitude that I love so much in the Whedonverse. I really need a SFF show with deep, interesting female characters on network television. It's been far too long since the consistently good ones went off the air. Who's with me on this? Or am I out on this limb alone?


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