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There will be spoilers following...

It was a long day at work, waiting to be able to come home and watch this. I’ve got to say, so far I’m loving it! I was worried some that bringing in new characters would detract from the original, but they did such a good job with casting that they seem perfect!

I’m only a couple episodes in. I plan on watching over the course of the weekend. My attention span wanes after about 3 episodes, and I don’t want to miss anything because I’m distracted. But, feel free to post spoilers from later on. I don’t mind spoilers, and people that do were warned.


One review I saw had the best description of “I was amazed at how little some of the actors have aged.....then there’s Cooper”. It’s so true, and possibly one of the best jokes that couldn’t have even been planned.

The thing with Coop and Donna was funny at first, but got tiring. I like her character, I just got tired of their interaction.

I’m not sure I’m liking slightly awkward Andy. Sometimes it works, sometimes I feel like he should be a little smoother.

Abby Bernstein “becoming a woman” was a great visual gag.

Overall, I’m loving this. So far, I think it is about 85% as good as the movie, some of the jokes seem a little too forced. But, that still makes it better than most things out there. And I hear it gets better as it goes. I’m just glad it isn’t a disappointment like Season 4 of Arrested Development.


Also, Michael Ian Black is severely underappreciated.

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