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Welcome To The Bitchery

So last month, I went for a physical, and my Doctor had a little chat with me about breast health. He mentioned mammograms, and how some say women should have them at 40, but that he did not think it was necessary, unless I have a family history of breast cancer. (Which I don't.)

Apparently I have lumpy breasts though, so he suggested that I get an ultrasound of my breasts, to serve as a baseline for later. This seemed like a good idea, so I agreed.

So today, I went in for a breast ultrasound. When I went into the room, the tech said to me "So is there any particular reason for the ultrasound?"

Me: "No, my Doctor said that since I am 40, I should have an ultrasound as a baseline."

Tech: "Oh, your Doctor is nice! Mine won't do anything like that for me."


Anyways, she did her thing for a while, and then said to me. "Don't worry, everything looks perfectly fine, but your Doctor will get the final report of your results."

Then she paused and seemed to ultrasound one section of my one breast for a REALLY LONG time. And then didn't say anything. That was slightly unnerving.

So when I went back to the change room to put my shirt back on, I realized that my armpits were full of black fuzz from my new sweater. And I just spent 15-20 minutes lying with my arms above my head. Ooops.

So anyways, the Tech's reaction to my Doctor's decision to order to baseline ultrasound made me wonder how common that is? Anyone else have one?

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