Because I have a lot of directionless anger right now. I have only seen ManBerry three times in the last two weeks due to a variety of circumstances; the last time I saw him was last Monday. We were FINALLY going to hang out tonight when he got off work around 2. Finally, at 7 I hear from him. The problem is, I can't be mad at him because the text message was "Sorry babe, just got back from a 4 hour dive for a body." I know I've mentioned before that ManBerry is on the local volunteer ambulance/fire service, and it is usually that taking him away from him. If it were "Sorry babe, I got distracted for 4 hours by Halo", "Sorry babe, my friends all wanted to go out for drinks so I've been at the bar for the last 4 hours." But no, it's "Sorry, I've been out in the cold lake breathing from a tank so the family of this guy that just died at least have a body."

So, now I have a lot of anger and nowhere to direct it. Have a co-worker that is driving you crazy? Did you just read Matt Walsh's blog and feel like even your hate is not enough for him? Just give me a direction and I will think all kinds of angry thoughts for you!