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Anybody interested in an Orphan Black live thread on Saturday?

Season 2 premiers on Saturday at 9pm/8pmC and it is going to be amaaaahzing! I think people around here already know how much I love it and there seem to be a good number of GTers who do as well. So would you all like to do a live thread? I won't post if it's just me talking to myself haha, but none of my friends watch this show and I want to talk to people about it!

Also, I don't have privileges on ODeck but I know there are a bunch of fans over there (and I actually must thank io9 for writing so much great coverage of the show last year or else I may not have started watching it!) so if someone could crosspost that would be great!

ETA: Canadians! If you have not seen it yet, Space is streaming the entire first season until the end of the month! It is also streaming on Amazon Prime in the US for those who have it.

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