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I'm kind of over the traditional drip coffee makers these days for various reasons I'll get into, but I can't live without at least a cup or two of coffee in the morning. I've been using a french press for a while and it is terrible on my stomach and no amount of adjusting this or that is helping.

I'd love to get a Keurig or something like it, but they are just too damn expensive and that's just not something I'm going to do. I don't want to buy a new drip machine because filters are wasteful and I don't want to buy them and I'm only making two cups tops and it's just pointless to have a big machine for just me. So the other options are percolators like the one above or this ceramic one cup cone thingy:


But again, buying filters, special one cup cone filters, and I'm not sure if these things will make enough for my giant-ass morning mug.

So I guess what I'm asking is; do you use a coney-majig or percolator? What is your preferred coffee experience? Taste is not a huge deal breaker for me, I know percolators are not the coffee snob's favorite, but are they easier on the stomach than the french press? I have no stomach trouble with drip coffee, just with the french press I've used. I've used a small percolator once and I don't think I had trouble but if they are known for that I'd wanna know before buying a $30 perc and I tried to find an answer to the stomach thing online but no real answers. I guess most coffee aficionados don't have sensitive tummies and I just want the least amount of work without having to buy filters or at least just scoop and pour being the only thing my morning brain can handle.

Does anyone out there use any of these methods or a different-yet-easy one that doesn't make me shit lava?


And no, I will not switch to tea. Not that I have anything against tea, just not enough caffeine at all, you don't know me in the morning, it's not a pretty sight.

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