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Anybody know anything about particle reactions?

ETA: anybody with posting privileges on an io9 board want to crosspost this for me? I'd be forever grateful.

I'm taking a 100 level online astronomy course to fulfill a random science requirement. It's been fine, but sometimes the professor puts questions on the homework assignments that are a.) nowhere in any materials he gives us, and b.) get really technical and out side the scope of the class considering it's an introductory course.

Here is the current question that isn't in any of the reading/links he provides and when I google it all I come up with is super in depth physics mumbo-jumbo that I don't understand because I'm in an intro level course. All I'm really looking for is a resource where I can learn the answer to this question in terms not meant for people who have spent years studying this stuff. The only stuff I've been able to find so far gets so technical I can't make sense of any of it.


For particle reactions, the conservation rules of Charge (C), Lepton number (L), and Baryon number (B), all have to hold, otherwise the reaction can't occur. Show that the reactions below following these rules (i.e. show that C, L and B are the same after the reaction as before the reaction)

anti-neutrino+proton<— —>neutron+anti-electron

neutrino + neutron<— —>proton + electron

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