Yesterday, I was helping my parents clean out my grandpa's house. He never let anyone clean my grandma's clothes when she passed away about 20 years ago, and so there's a lot to sort through.

In one closet, there were several of my grandma's real, handmade fur coats from the 50s and 60s. They weren't stored in garment bags or in any climate controlled way, and I have no idea if the coats are still in a position that they could be sold. Neither my mom nor I want real fur coats.

Is anyone familiar with them that maybe I could forward some photos to in order to get an idea of if they're salveagable? Or know of any resources I could look to? We live in a small area and real fur isn't something that's really sold around here anymore, so there's nobody local that could look at them in person.

They looked like they're in pretty good condition. Some were a little dry rotted at the collar, but all are handmade, with her initials monogrammed on the inside and the linings are intact and seem to be real silk.