I am tired. All the time. Exhausted. Can't sleep at night, but can nap during the day, in fact often can't avoid napping during the day (and still can't sleep at night, even if I don't nap during the day). Have an extremely hard time getting myself out of bed in the morning. Or after a nap. So. Tired. For no frakking reason.

So a friend says I may be vitamin B-12 deficient, which is easy enough to get a supplement for and at least try out while I'm waiting to get into the doctor. So off I go to the drug store (you know, the one that still has my toilet paper?) and get the B-12 bottle that says energy and metabolism on the label, because some of them say other stuff, and I'm interested in the energy bit. And when I get it home (without my stupid toilet paper) I realize that it's B-6, not B-12.

So: Is it worth it to take it anyway? Or should I take it back and exchange it for B-12? (And beg for my toilet paper) Also, is there anything I should take with B-12 to make it more effective? Anything I should avoid? I know certain things can either help or hinder vitamin absorption.


And, on a completely unrelated note, I need distracting this week. Schroeder is on vacation, and I am attempting to respect that by NOT sending him random texts about work/nothing. I will not text. I will not text. I will not text.