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Anybody watch the Documentary Bite Size?

tw: weight and weight loss, kids having weight issues





This is one interesting and sad documentary. It follows 4 overweight kids and the shit they are trying to do to get better. Basically, 2 of the 4 kids are from poor families in areas with shitty options, so it’s not surprising how they are struggling. I mean, they’re living in parts of the rural South where there aren’t a lot of resources and access to a lot of food options.


Another boy is in LA, and his dad is such a douche to him. Like, that kid is having his self-esteem hammered by his dad. His dad is going to undermine anything he tries to do to help himself. His mom is pretty cool, though. She is kind and supportive.

The final kid is a girl that at the beginning of the doc is finishing her second visit to a weight loss camp. She’s 13 and has such baggage regarding food. Like, she’s discussing how she feels about gaining a pound (why am I failing, I need to do more workouts, I’m so embarrassed, etc etc). And she’s basically floundering when she’s no longer on extreme dietary restrictions. She talks about food and weight and body image in such a way that I just feel like she is being set up to have an eating disorder, if she doesn’t already.

She just described herself as “I am a never-ending trashcan.” She moves me tears.

Also, all these kids are so amazing. They’re completely aware of the hypocrisy of how their parents eat and act. I just want to hug them all and tell them how great they are and that I’m impressed with how hard they are trying. Which is depressing as fuck as they’re all between the ages of 11-13, so if their families don’t change the kind of food at home, these kids really don’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell of big successes.

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