My friend's cousin was changing a flat tire on the 24th and was hit by a car. Dana has no medical insurance and her family needs to raise money for her medical care, travel expenses, and overall costs of caring for their daughter, sister, mother, and friend. Any and all donations and prayers are appreciated.

Here is the gofundme.

The latest FB update (Dana's Updates) says:

"The physical therapist came in this morning and help Dana move her arms, hands, legs and feet. She did okay, but was highly agitated, so they put her back to sleep. During this time, We were able to see that she has multiple cuts and bruising all down her legs. The surgeon has scheduled Dana for surgery tomorrow at 8 AM and expects to be finished by 6 PM. She will receive 23 titanium plates and 100 screws in her face. Later, she will receive multiple incisions, 1 under each eyelid, 1 behind each ear, 1 under lip and one in her nose, to minimize visible scars. She will continue to need to be on the ventilator, however they have decided she does not need a tracheotomy and will not have her jaw wired shut. She is expected to continue to need to be in ICU for about two days and provided she has no other complications with her other injuries, she will be moved to a regular recovery room, where she will stay for seven days. She currently has a touch of pneumonia. However, the doctors had already been planning for that to happen, and say it's perfectly normal. She is on antibiotics and they have it under control. She will be on a liquid diet for 6 wks with no need for "peg" (feeding tube) unless she has problems tolerating the liquids."


They've also asked if anyone would be willing to donate their Southwest Miles, AA Miles, or other awards points that would convert to flights or hotel stays for the family. Her Mom live about 10-12 hours away from where she is being cared for in El Paso and she's expected to be in the hospital for at least the next 30 days.