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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Anyone catch "The 90s" on NatGeo?

I saw part of the first episode and have it DVRed to watch the rest tonight after work. I thought it was really really good. I saw part about the LA Riots. I didn't know anything about the guy who left his home to go out and help Reginald Denny after he was dragged out of his truck and beaten. That guy has balls of steel.

There was also a good section on the browser wars. Sadly i remember using Netscape Navigator back in the pre IE days. God am i old. What's impressive is they got a lot of the actual people who were involved in the events to give their thoughts, unlike some of those VH1 "I Love The X" type shows where you have some third rate comedian and the guy from Smash Mouth giving thier hot fresh takes on the fall of the Berlin Wall. Overall well done. I can't wait to get to the Microsoft trial part, that should be interesting.


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