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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Anyone date a Merchant Mariner?

We're going on a few years but what was supposed to be less of his time off has turned into more after our move. He used to be gone month on, month off - total being home six months on or more annually. We moved to lessen this but now his new company has put him back on a rough schedule with absolutely no schedule if that makes any sense. They call him to tell him he's working out three weeks, then will call next day and cancel only to call again telling him to prepare two days later. It's definitely hurting our relationship and I'm at the point where I am okay if I say I can't do this anymore if things don't change. The one thing I fear is backlash from his family saying things like oh you aren't strong enough, you're not supportive, etc. My fam has been super with me but it sucks because I do love the man.
Anyone with this experience or similar, I'd love your feedback. Thanks so much!


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