It looks like Maine wants to do it for all state elections. The article says some countries and even some US cities does this.

I hate the idea ugh. I think of 2016 between Hillary, Trump, Stein and Johnson. Ok easy Hillary one and Trump four. Now I would have to chose number two? To me its like chosing between a spoonful of cat or dog poop. I would probably have held my nose and voted Johnson as number two solely because I have a soft spot for Bill Weld.

Even primaries I just want to pick one. I want my candidate to win I do not want to play games and think well who is my next choice. No I made my choice. Period. Also for primaries I could face easily the same situation of picking number two is like chosing spoonful of dog or cat poop. I do not want to be in that situation.

Anyone deal with type voting? Like it?