I knew it was gonna be bad, but to basically take everything that made the show appealing and dump it is horrible.

I hate that Jerrica didn’t inherit her father’s business and is trying to save it. I hate that she won’t run a multimillion dollar corporation. I don’t know how old they were in the show, but they were not teenagers but 25+.

All of the women in that show were career driven and they took that away.

Jerrica was kind and charitable. She ran the Starlight home for girls.

I’m so mad. This could have been an empowering film, but no it’s whatever this crap is.

Ya, I know it’s the trailer.

ETA Charmed221 added “Okay why is no-one mentioning Shana and the blatant whitewashing, they cast someone who is light skin to play her and that is disgusting. “