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We’re what, 10 days in? Look at all this fucking bad news! At this point I’m ready to just put my head down and mumble “yes sir/no ma’am” just to get rid of all this stress. I’m starting to think that we’re not gonna be able to overcome this. I’m getting a collection of letters from Senator Heller’s office (very nice of them to snail mail me every single time I call) and each one basically says “I’m a senator, I care about our citizens, fuck off.” I know that’s not the whole of what’s happening, obviously, but not even 2 weeks into the new presidency and it’s not looking good for us. Maybe we were lost before Trump was even inaugurated. Can the will of the people really mean anything if the government is set up to run for the next 2 years without any input from us? And by the time 2 years is up, will the people mean anything?


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