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Welcome To The Bitchery

Anyone else feeling totally broken?

I just got through reading a bunch of the comments on the main page about "Third-Level Orgasms" and now I'm feeling like a total failure at having the sex. To be honest, this has been developing for a while now... Everyone always says that the sex gets so much better in your 30s, and I was all excited about all the awesome orgasms awaiting my sexual peak, but I'm 36 now and, um, sex is nice and all, but I have to work my ass off to even get *close* to an orgasm. We're talking full-on multiple toys in various orifices with various man parts in others, going just the right speed, without any distractions whatsoever, and maybe, if the planets are aligned, I kinda get a little tickle of feeling before it just disappears in a puff of smoke or whatever.


Granted, I think antidepressants are the root of my problem. However, what's the trade-off? Orgasms or sanity? I used to have no problem coming in my teens and 20s, but I was an emotional fucking wreck and deservedly had a reputation for being crazy. Got on the citalopram about 4 years ago and it was like having a whole new brain. Except, you know, sex feels like a fucking chore and I hardly ever get any kicks from it. Even masturbation is boring as fuck because I can get close, but 99.9% of the time, there's no lift-off. Just "oh, oh, it's happening... Aaaaaand nothing."


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