Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

As far as I can tell every other gawker media site is fine but the jezebel main page (and actual jez posts) is somehow not quite finishing loading kinja or something.

The main menu icon remains grey.

Clicking on it does not open a login with gootwitfaceburner dialogue, it just spins it's wheels with http://jezebel.com/#


Likewise clicking the jez icon does not open a list of gawker media sites to click on, just http://jezebel.com/#

Opening a post from the main page displays the post, but no comment section loads, nor will login work.

Groupthink, lifehacker etc. all work as expected.

It looks like javascript isn't running, but I am not blocking anything, turned off Adblock plus just in case, no difference. Disabled all extensions, no difference. Cleared browsing data, no difference. Chromium 34.0.1847.116 on Debian sid.


Problem not present in iceweasel (firefox with branding stripped), different problem there with the long standing {"meta":{"success":true,"status":401,"message":"No Redirect found for session","error":{"code":"OAUTH_ERROR"}},"data":{}} preventing Oauth login.

I guess kinja has had it's breakfast because suddenly jezebel is behaving in no more broken a fashion than normal (and as all other GM sites).


Iceweasel still has the Oauth issue but that's been going for a year or so and I guess it's not getting fixed.

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