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Spoilers abound below. Forgive the slight incoherence, but this show just makes me froth at the mouth sometimes.

I have watched Grey’s since the beginning. Hell, I even watched Private Practice till the end for some unfathomable reason (oh right, no life). For a long time though Grey’s has been a must see hate watch. I can’t help feeling that even though the show centers around women it chooses to portray women not as strong nuanced people but as high school mean girls who haven’t ever grown up. I can’t imagine wanting treatment at that hospital where everyone chooses to have nervous breakdowns every five minutes rather than just deal with reality. The only person on that show who actually faced their issues worked through them and grew was Christina. No wonder she left - I would’ve moved to Switzerland too!


Meredith pretends she’s a strong bitch but, among other things, she spent a year actively hiding from friends and family (and hid her pregnancy) so she could “grieve”. And don’t get me started on the whole “Penny killed Derek” angle that makes me so mad I can’t even. Penny didn’t kill your husband you crazy loon*. Don’t act like you’re being so magnanimous accepting her into the residency program.

*I get that irrational grief exists. But as a doctor herself who looked at Derek’s charts and has a very long list of killing/harming/otherwise negatively impacting patients she should be able to look at the situation objectively. Or acknowledge that she can’t handle interacting with Penny and figure out a workaround. And the whole bullshit of every one of her friends freezing Penny out in solidarity is insane. Same with everyone freezing out Riggs (whose only crime is that he was there when Owen’s sister died? The fuck?)

April conveniently only believes in God when it makes for dramatic conflict. And her God is seriously annoying. So is she.

Maggie is painted as awkward-smart-girl-how-adorable. Except that her professional persona is completely different and the show can’t seem to reconcile the two at all. Why does everyone have to be a high school drama queen in personal life?


Amelia is supposed to be the hotshot neurosurgeon. Who also is one step away from using at all times. Why the fuck does the hospital let someone that precarious remain on active duty? Remember when Richard fell off the wagon? He had to go through all sorts of hoops before they let him back on limited fully supervised duty. But Amelia who has relapsed again and again on the flimsiest of pretenses (although I know this may be an accurate depiction of addicts relapses) and is still somehow back in the OR after a mere 30 days sobriety. And all of her pious utterances about how no one can possibly understand how hard she’s had it - seeing her father die, losing the love of her life, having a baby with no brain. Ugh, she’s so clearly keeping all those injuries fresh and open so she has a reason to relapse rather than actually, you know, dealing with those emotions and underlying issues. Remember, I watched Private Practice so I know the love of her life was a dude she met while high and they spent like 2 weeks getting high together till he OD’d. So again, her whole worldview is so distorted and no one ever challenges that or suggests that hey, maybe having a dry addict as the head of neuro is a terrible terrible idea. She could have a really compelling story line about facing her shit and actually growing the fuck up but instead every so often she flames out and everyone gives her all the sympathy and tells her how strong she is and papers over the problems. Rinse, repeat.

Now that they’ve gone through their break-up (which was actually handled fairly well) Callie and Arizona are actually doing the most interesting things. Sure Arizona is being crazy about dating but that’s grounded in reality. And she doesn’t bring it into her work unlike, um everyone else. (Seriously I want an episode where the hospital’s General Counsel has their head explode from all the potential liability from the incestuous relationships bullshit. And then of course has it repaired by the best damn doctors in the world. eyeroll)


I could go on but I’ve given myself a headache. I really want the show to end soon and put me out of my misery!

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