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LET ME SHARE MY TALE OF WOE. Heads up, this is school related woe.

Once upon a time VanwithaG had a wonderful summer (in school, no less!) that made her feel like a competent human being on the right life path. Along with this she had a whimsical adventure that made her feel warm and fuzzy and loved and was basically a feel-good movie about a mid-twenties gal getting her (briefly AWOL) groove back.


BUT THEN, upon returning to school, she was expected to get 100% on a math test in order to pass a class. "No problem!" she said "This will be a breeze!" she said. Little did she know that the world was going to bop her on the head for being so cocky. This bop came in the form of a math test that was much more difficult than anticipated with bizarrely worded questions. 90% of the class "failed" (keep in mind, anything short of 100% is a fail). Luckily, VanwithaG and her classmates may rewrite this test as many times as they need until they pass! Yay!

Today I failed a third time. Generally, I would just be mad at myself. I keep getting one wrong out of carelessness/rushed due to lack of time/general inability to test well. Fine. Whatever. But then I found out that some of the prof's favourite students were getting waived through with a pass even though they got one, two, or three questions wrong. Then the prof snapped at me when I half-heartedly tried to explain how I realized as soon as I stepped out of the room that I did one of the questions wrong in a half-assed attempt to also achieve this waived through bullshit. I also found out afterward that the prof had told another student while she was handing her test in that 3 of her answers were wrong and to go look at them again. So she did, then she got them right.

This is my last semester. I thought I was done with this bullshit.

Tl/dr: I have let a math test get to me. Furthermore, my prof is making exceptions as for what constitutes a pass in such a way that my sense of justice is getting riled up. Now I hate everything and am wallowing in self-doubt and bitter resentment.


Let's start a pity party! I would put gifs here, but not only am I too stupid to get 100% on a math test, I don't know how this gif shit works! Woohoo! Anyone else feeling like a loser? Is everything you attempt greeted by the sad womps of a lone trombone?

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