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I saw Dunkirk on the weekend, and spent a third of the movie unable to differentiate between the characters on screen. Background: a third of the movie takes place in planes (starring Tom Hardy and Not Tom Hardy), a third takes place on a rescue boat (starring the Captain, the Only Blonde Guy in Europe, Cillian Murphy, and the Young Teenager), and a third takes place on the beaches of France and starring an army of black haired, pale skinned clones. One of those clones was apparently a guy from One Direction, but I didn’t know that till the end. 

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There were scenes where one or more of the main beach characters was in trouble, and I could never tell which one. At one point one of them (I think) dies (is it a spoiler to say that a random character dies in a war movie?), and I couldn’t bring myself to really care, because I still didn’t know which one it was supposed to be.


So- am I that face-blind, or did anyone else have this problem (assuming you’ve seen it)?

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