Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I am spending FAR too much time this week thinking about the Veronica Mars movie. So, so much time. I guess I started my rewatch too soon, or thought I'd take longer to finish it, but really, it's all so good, why not watch 12 episodes in a rainy day? Oops.

So now I've been having VMars overload, seeing pictures from the various premieres, trying to figure out when I'll watch it, how quickly Piz will be disposed of. It's not obsessing, because I have a lot of time in my day to think. It just has been a larger percentage of that "thinking time" this week. Anyone else super stoked?


Additionally, here's a link to the livestream of their PaleyFest panel tonight. Starts at 11e/8p.

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