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Anyone else need cheering up?

I had a fight with my mother. I don't think she likes me very much... she's been complaining nonstop about her sister and, well, I'm a lot like my aunt, for better or for worse. It all went downhill from the beginning of the conversation when I apparently reacted identically to something as my aunt did, trigger, ho!

The fight (after she hung up on me after screaming, "I'm sorry you remember every horrible thing I ever said to you!") made me think of an exercise she did when we were kids, our relationship was rocky, even then and I'm pretty sure she got this out of a book or something. Write down ten things you like about your kids. My sister had an overflowing list consisting of things like her pleasant temperament, her beautiful singing voice, etc. She'd obviously hit a wall with my list and I ended up with things like "speed with which you clean your room." Remembering this sent me right back to my 12 year old self and I reacted exactly like I did then... by bursting into tears.

Anyone else feeling weepy? I'm really sorry for using you guys as a sounding board, I can't afford to see my therapist until my pre-existing clause is up in two months.


Does anyone have any funny clips or movie suggestions? Ubertrout posted a Sarah Silverman clip in another post and laughing at good rape jokes made me forget. Now I'm feeling weepy again.


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