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Anyone else on the non-marriage camp?

The Maisie Williams story really struck me, and since Jezebel commenting means everything I say will probably get lost maybe we can open a discussion on here?

For me, I'm totally with her on this. I've known probably since I was 12 that marriage was not something that interested me. It's just not on the table. Like her, my parents are divorced, even at 24, their divorce still causes problems for me. With them, it's frustrating, it's been 10 fucking years and I am still knee deep in their passive aggressive bullshit. On their own, I love both my parents, but I know that a lot of things would have been easier if they weren't divorced and were able to communicate without using me to play telephone.

Not only that, my ENTIRE family is divorced. I have six grandparents. All of my aunts are divorced, all of my grandparents are divorced, hell, even my sister is divorced after a whopping year and a half marriage. Divorce is like a disease and I'm just not interested in inheriting it. Call me superstitious. Call me cynical. Whatever.


I would rather enjoy a relationship without any pretenses or pageantry or anything of the sort. You'd be surprised how suddenly the concept of marriage is important to a potential partner when you take it off the table. It's very unlikely that someone will change my mind about this, but they try. And I don't understand why, you would think I would be swimming in commitment-phobes and having the time of my life! But I guess it's a lot like telling a kid they can't play with a toy, suddenly all they want to do is play with that toy.

And just to clarify, I'm not against the concept of marriage for other people, you do you, I just know that it is not the choice for me. That could change, but it likely wont.

What say you people of Groupthink?

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