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Dr Mr. Putin, Let’s Play Chess.

What do you guys think? And I’m curious what you all think of the US spies being arrested in Russia too. Popular internet theory is that they were arrested because as soon as Trump’s team took office, they leaked the info to Putin and he caught them. All the information is early though. So far it all sounds like a bad spy novel. Although Trump becoming president sounds like a bad movie, tbh. One part of that chess story that stuck out to me (ok it wasn’t the only one, but point-making) - if Russia has dirt on Trump, it probably has something to do with money. No doubt in my mind Trump is a rapist and racist who would hire prostitutes to piss on a bed just cause Obama slept in it once. But that won’t get someone impeached, especially in this cultural climate. We know he’s a huge projectionist and stooge. The fact that he hasn’t released his taxes is like the elephant in the room. How can he get away with that? Honestly. I’m asking how, with all the support from the public this seems to have, why NOTHING is happening.

And Trump is doing so much so fast. One theory is that he’s trying to get as much damage done as possible because he knows he’s out soon. But another is that he’s just doing it all so he can be the big hero to his fans. I could see that, too.


It all makes me so anxious. And I know I’m at tin-foil hat levels, but I still don’t trust our election. I just don’t. I know the fucker has fans here, but why didn’t they march today? Why didn’t they go to his inauguration? Why did the Women’s March numbers crush those? I just don’t think he has the people. On the other hand, I am witnessing people I know get brainwashed, and it’s terrifying. Trump’s war against the “MSM” is going to ruin this country. Fucking Breitbart and Infowars are going to become the only ‘trusted’ news sources. And I really think this is because people are so easily swayed by echo chambers. Echo chambers filled with fucking Russians that all have a job to turn our opinions. And they’re on all sites. Even 4chan. Which I wouldn’t have thought possible, but apparently it’s useful to rile up people like the GGers. All the Russians had to do was focus their various hatreds and point it in the right direction.

The Women’s March gave me such hope btw. Since the election I felt like I’ve been taking crazy pills, and that I just don’t understand my country. That restored my faith a little. We already know Trump likes to pay people to fluff his audiences. Maddow proved it on her show. Unfortunately all she could prove was that he hired an entertainment contractor to provide actors for the announcement that he’d run. We don’t have proof of anything after. Oh, and the reason why he got caught? He didn’t pay the company. Of course.

The announcement that we’re literally banning an entire religion from entering this country broke me. I mean all the details are adding up. They even want to end the endangered species list. They’re actual cartoon villains. All they care about is money for them and their fellow plutocrats. For fuck sake make it stop!

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