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Anyone else see the movie "A Teacher" on Netflix?

I watched it this weekend and I'm still having weird feelings about it.

I understand it's supposed to be a movie that gives you weird feelings it's just something didn't feel quite right about it.


*turn back now if you don't want to hear any details before you watch it*

Here is the trailer


First it's set kind of as is. There is no real build up as to the characters beginning their relationship really and so it's a running start.


The actress who portrays the teacher (who by the way is MAGNIFICENT) does a really good job of acting out the throws of a crush that turns into a sort of obsession.

They fool around, they then begin to act like a couple who are dating (gestures, small getaways together)


But then something important happens. There is a scene where after they are almost discovered, while on a small getaway at a ranch, he tries somewhat forcefully to initiate sex/affection with her and she is very much not wanting it.

What I had a hard time with is after this happens they decide to take a break, and her feelings for him start to intensify until they become too unmanageable and she starts to behave in a way that is reckless. To the point of getting caught.


My main issues with this film are this:

1. There is no sort of addressing his forceful behavior with her. YES I understand that he is a student and she is a teacher (I forget if he's 17/18? He's a senior, still not the point, I know) but it really bothered me. Mostly because it initiated this sort of distance in him because she wouldn't give him what he wanted triggering her to want to pull him back in (like i've seen many people in relationships do)


2. The ending. There is a moment in which you figure out she's been caught, but it's all very framed in a "this bitch got what she deserved" kind of way.

You don't hardly know who she is really. You know what she's been doing for a certain period of time, but personal details, personal history are very much lacking.


The reasons for her seeking out this relationship, or how it happened or what was initiated by whom are very foggy. While I understand this type of relationship is completely inappropriate it all kind of seemed like it was another movie about a woman not being able to control herself and getting what she deserves.

The whole thing just seemed really terse.


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