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TW: anxiety about scary, uncontrollable things

There is a giant volcano underneath Yellowstone. As in, a volcano that is so large it is housed beneath an entire freaking national park. If it were to erupt it would cover Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming with ash and lava and would probably put the earth into an ice age because the ash will block out the sun. I repeat, A SUPERVOLCANO ERUPTION WILL PUT US INTO AN ICE AGE.

No one knows for sure when it will erupt. It erupts approximately every 600,000 years. The last eruption was 640,000 years ago. Scientists think that each time the volcano erupts, the magma reservoir empties. The current magma reservoir is equal to levels that preceded the last eruption. (Side note: How do they know this? Science is so hard and it hurts my lady brain.)


In summary, every once in a while I get very anxious thinking about this giant bowl of magma that is ready to blow at any second! Or, maybe not for another 100,000 years!

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