I'm seriously just hate-watching this show at this point. Every. Single. Person. They paint just so happens to be friggin beautiful and tiny. I mean, obviously my size 22 ass isn't about to get naked and covered in paint. But I'm having a hard time believing that every single 'regular' person they paint is built the same way. Like, we can't even pretend to not be scripted?

My current annoyance, and reason for this post, is tonight's episode. Now, I've been to one or two smaller Comi-Con's and they generally have pretty damn strict rules about what's acceptable attire. I seem to recall being COMPLETELY EFFIN NAKED is not allowed on the floor. If you have to blur out their nipples for TV, I refuse to buy it being allowed at a Con. I have no idea why this is making me so angry, maybe it's because I'm a stickler for rules and hate this 'I want to be basically naked' belief some people seem to have.

Am I being an asshole? I can't tell today. I'm tired and this nonsense makes my brain stop working correctly.