So after four years without T.V. (I just haven't had the money or time to dick around with comparing options) since moving to Seattle, I finally have a laptop that won't overheat while streaming videos and a stable internet connection. Which means I can watch shows without dating someone for their Netflix (gold-digger, ya'll).

Problem is, I have no idea how all this shit works now. How do I figure out Netflix on my own? Where do I go for the first seasons of things like Buffy and Supernatural that I've always wanted to "get around to watching"? The library? The movie store? Are those still around?

In the meantime, I'm cruising Hulu for Bob's Burgers episodes and stumble across an ad for Blue, which piqued my interest back when it premiered. Has anyone else seen it? I just finished episode 2, and I can't quite put my finger on why but it's weird. It's definitely a little more complicated than the "single mom lives double-life as prostitute" schtick I expected, and I like it, but some of it's making me go:

Mostly how some of the dialogue gets weird, I think? And the friend-at-work character played by that American Horror Story lady. She is all kinds of uncomfortable to watch. AND WHAT OLD MAN WHO IS THIS WHY ARE YOU PLAYFIGHTING?

Loved the soft-hearted rich dude who's into infantilization and listening to her pee, though. So yay?

How do I Friday, again?

ETA: Why did her mom Skype her from her love nest and then RUN THE CAMERA OVER HER LOVER'S CROTCH? What adult woman even does that when talking to their kid? Even the most open, oversharing kind of moms don't do this??? Right???