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Anyone else watching Ex on the Beach?

Liam's testicle peeking out of the speedo?

The premise is pretty typical: eight British, single men and women go to "paradise" (reality code for a beach somewhere) to "find love" (reality code for get drunk and fight and fuck). However, they don't know that each of their exes will be making an appearance to either seek revenge or get back together.


As each single arrives and greets the group, the audience is treated to some talking head bullshit and footage of the participants wearing skimpy outfits and posing in the sun and water. Liam, the northern firefighter strips off his trunks to reveal a black speedo and when he emerges wet from the ocean and all I can focus on is TESTICLE! TESTICLE! TESTICLE!

Will this be the high point of the show or does it get interesting at some point?

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